Government Duties

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Government Duties

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:17 pm

As Fuhrer you duties are to run the state. Make sure your power is not questioned, this means eliminating resistance groups, political opponents, etc..
Appoint people that you believe and trust in to positions to help manage the Reich. Keep the Reich stable and keep the war going. You can create new ministries to help manage other sectors of the Reich (please notify others of this).

Gouverneur's job is to manage it's city/sector. They have the power to impose taxes on civilians, order martial law, order searches/arrests, and control all other units (government/military) within the vicinity of his rule (city/sector).

Minister of Armaments
Ministers of Armaments help control the supply of weapons in the Reich. You control the production of weapons and military vehicles. They also if required can collect money from the state in order to carry on production of weapons (making false production numbers could have you executed). They help arm the Wehrmacht, SS, and other military units with special/heavy weapons and vehicles.
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