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The Organization

Post by DroolingPacman on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:34 pm

Founded at an unknown time and it's actual time of "birth" quite shady,
"The Organization" (as it is referred to by those who are even remotely
aware of its existence) is supposedly supported by a man known to its
members only as "The Benefactor." It is unknown if The Benefactor is a
single man or a collective group bearing a single identity.

The true purpose of the organization is, naturally, unknown to all by a
select few of its highest ranking members, but from their actions, it is
debatable as to The Organization's standing with the
Third Reich, as they seem to neither support or defy it.

The Organization has been operating in Minsk since before the war and the
German's occupation began. So far, it has eluded the iron clutches of
the Gestapo and has even thrived doing several under-the-table
operations for the Third Reich and it's parties when the results help to
forward their elusive, unknown agenda.

As the Reich's grip steadily increases, The Organization has slowly grown in number,
preferring to take in only the most willing and able applicants. This
growth has also put forth the need for a more advanced theme of
organization, breaking The Organization down into three separate, yet
equally stable factions.

Footmen (F) are the bulk of The Organization's workforce, and its main branch of manpower,
and are often used in various ways such as securing critical supplies and strategic
points to gain an upper hand in their operations. The Footmen work as a
de-facto "resistance" against the Third Reich, posing as nothing more
than a separate cell of the overall resistance in the area. This helps
to cover their tracks and avoid any links that could be made between
them and the rest of The Organization.

Observations (O) are The Organization's main source of information, and support. While on the
streets of an oppressed society, a single man can gain valuable
knowledge about a weapons depot such as where a hole in the security
might be. Now imagine an entire squad comprised of men and women
dedicated to nothing more than gathering information and providing
support against targets and locales that the Footmen can use to their

Spectre (S) is The Organization's most secretive faction and
often deals with orders that come directly from the Benefactor himself.
Their missions are highly secretive and only the most elite are accepted into this faction.
Nothing is known about this faction other than they tend to work separately from the other two
factions in their operations.

Credits to DroolingPacman for Original story, Chris Tyler for expanding upon.


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