OOC: What the organization is...

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OOC: What the organization is...

Post by DroolingPacman on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:53 pm

The Organization's true agenda and such will not be posted here, you must find that out ICly, so tough luck if you came here looking for it.

The Organization is broken down into three "cells." These cells are "Footmen," "Spectre," and "Observation."

  • Footmen will make up the majority of the organization and operate under the guise of a resistance operation.
  • Spectre will be made up of a select few and will be focused on espionage and sensitive operations.
  • Observations will provide intelligence and support for Spectre and Footmen, from afar.
Members of each cell will be kept oblivious IC as to the the identity's and actions of the other cells, only the leaders of the cells will interact with each other and organize operations. More information about the inner workings of each cell will be given to you upon acceptance into your respective cell and during your trial and training period.


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