Nate's Medic Application

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Nate's Medic Application

Post by Nate on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:43 pm

Steam friends name:SG.Sup Nate

SteamID: Nate0011

Why do you want to join the medic? Because There are No Medics and I think we need atleast one.I like to help people when they are hurt, and I have a high medic skill level.
When somone like the fuhrer is hurt somone needs to help them.Wether it be me or some other person.We just need a medic.Medics are the backbone of our lifes if there is no medic there is no life.When there is no life there is nothing and when there is nothing well... there is nothing.

What do you think the medic will be like for you? It will be almost like a citizen but I will be able to help more than I do now and maby some day get a higher position.

What are you expected to do as a medic? I expect to heal people when they need healing.I expect to be needed often.I expect I will get shot when on the job.I expect for people to die less but 1 man cant do much.I expect that I will face bribes to heal the resistance but no matter how big I expect to turn them down.

How are you expected to act as a medic. I am expected to be kind to the right people.To not heal the resistance.To go to anyplace that I am needed no matter what.To patrol if low on manpower.To follow all rules on the server, and then some.To not let people die that could have lived.To not kill enless I have to.To well heal.

What is your characters background story? Was born in Germany at the end of WW1 and grew up not having much money.Up untill he was 14 didnt go to school but when he did he learned verry much in the field of medicen.One day a man came up and said he would pay him money to go to collage then to go to frankfurt to practice medicin till he said "we have won" little did he know he would end up in the middle of russia healing nazi as they kill jews and hurt other people that were enamies of the state for a living, and little did he know that man was adolf hitler.

__________________________________________________ _______

Name:Nate Michael



Hair colour:Brown

Eye colour:Brown



Distinguishing marks:i have a cut on my left arm from a bullet.

List previous fields you are experienced in:Well I was a bartender there for a little bit.

Have you had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht? They killed my father for treason.

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain:No not that I can remember

Explain your reason for applying for the medic and wishing to become an medic:I want to help people.


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