[ACCEPTED] Dimitri Faustin's Application.

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[ACCEPTED] Dimitri Faustin's Application.

Post by Oberst543 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:27 am

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Why do you want to join the Wehrmacht? (Explain in atleast two paragraphs of
why you want to be Wehrmacht OOC'ly)
I would like to join the Wehrmacht for several reasons, first is because I feel I can do a very good job of proctecting the Citizens of Minsk, while dealing with the crime as well. Also I can be an absolute Soldier, ready to take orders as soon as they come from the Commander's mouth. I feel like I could help make the city into a more safe, secure, and worthy city to live in.

Also, with me being a Wehrmacht, people can feel more safe at night, knowing that they are protected by our Strength and will. They won't need to cower in fear, they can appriciate the luck they have for being able to live where we serve them.

What do you think the Wehrmacht will be like for you? ( Explain in atleast two
paragraphs )
It will be a good experience for me, to be able to defend the citizens of Minsk of harm and crime, while teaching myself Self Disipline to help others in their time of need.
If I become a Wehrmacht, I will do everything in my will power to do my job as obeyed. I will follow all orders from the Commander. I will show loyalty at it's best.

What are you expected to do in the Wehrmacht? ( Two paragraphs atleast )
To fight against all crime, to proctect the citizens from danger, to help people in their time of need. To be a good model for new Roleplayers. To follow the rules, and to show respect to others.
With being a Wehrmacht I will show all the other soldiers how Loyalty to our cause should be displayed. I promise to do everything in my power to show how a real Soldier should be.
How are you expected to act in the Wehrmacht ( Two paragraphs atleast )
With true Loyalty, Respect all players, follow the Commander's orders when given. Get along with other soldiers, and show them respect too. To enforce the law and stop crime, to help others if needed.
Don't break any of the rules, To make sure no one gets unfairly put in jail. To show that you can be a good Wehrmacht, not just one that scares the living day-lights out of you.

What is your characters background story? ( Two paragraphs atleast )

Dimitri Faustin, was born in Breslau on March 12th, 1921. His father worked as a Banker and his Mother worked for a Clothing Company. When he was 6 his father was killed in a car-accident, a event that would emotionally scar him for the rest of his child-hood.
Growing up with his mother, he became interested in becoming a Clothing Designer, but was turned down at the job when he turned 18.
He enlisted to join the German Army on September 17th, 1941. He is currently stationed in Warsaw, awaiting transfer papers to Minsk.
__________________________________________________ _______

In character information ( Your character writes in this part of the
application )

Name: Dimitri Faustin

Age: 21

Height: 6'3

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Gender: Male

Race: German, Bulgarian

Distinguishing marks: None

List previous fields you are experienced in: Failed Clothing Designer

Have you had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht? None

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain: None

Explain your reason for applying for the Wehrmacht and wishing to become an officer: To serve the German Army with proud loyalty, and to help our glourious Reich ever so much as I possibly can!


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Re: [ACCEPTED] Dimitri Faustin's Application.

Post by Stairs on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:52 pm


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