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Post by Nicomedo on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:54 am

Steam friends name: Nicomedo / Spiffy Cactus

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:13695153

Why do you want to join the Wehrmacht? (Explain in atleast two paragraphs of
why you want to be Wehrmacht OOC'ly)
I would love to have the different challenges that occur being in the Wehrmacht. I have never done anything as different as this and would be an awesome experience. I RP'ed on Reich RP's tacoscript server waiting for the ww2rp to come out (which it never did). Finaly a ww2rp gamemode to play on after Reich RP let me done with months of waiting. I choose the Wehrmacht because it covers a wide field of military jobs like the luftwaffe, heer and kriegsmarine. They also are the ones policing the streets like CPs do on HL2 ( which is what I would preferably like to do ).

What do you think the Wehrmacht will be like for you? ( Explain in atleast two
paragraphs )
The Wehrmacht to me would be like a very wonderful RP experience, with others members of the government, citizens, or people holding guns to my head while tying me to a chair.

What are you expected to do in the Wehrmacht? ( Two paragraphs atleast )
I will act with obedience, carry out orders swiftly and thoroughly. I shall treat all people in the Wehrmacht, Schutzstaffel and other government positions with respect and courtesy.

How are you expected to act in the Wehrmacht ( Two paragraphs atleast )
I will act with obedience and follow orders thoroughly. I will treat the citizens and fellow soldats alike with respect and kindess ( unless they are bolshevik pigs raping our fatherland ). I will treat all people with higher ranks with the upmost respect and courtesy. Most importantly I will NOT abuse my position.

What is your characters background story? ( Two paragraphs atleast )
Born in a red barn on January 21st, 1924, Nikolaus Hoberkofen was ready for life. Nikolaus loved running around freely in the golden fields or rye. He great with the wind blowing across the fields and into his face with the sweet smell of crops. Sometimes he would find snakes and other small critters and shoot them with his toy gun. Nikolaus also like exploring the ancient hidden areas on the farm for interesting objects ( to him anyways ) like rusted screw, bolts, machine parts, rocks and other stuff a small child would likely be interested in.

At the age of 5 his mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl, she was named Gertrude Hoberkofen. Nikolaus loved to help his mother with the baby, if he wasn't busy exploring. A year later at the age of 6 Nikolaus was given the duty of milking the cows, his father taught him how to properly milk milk the cows and not to spook them. Being busy with all the tasks Nikolaus has been given he doesn't spend as much time helping his mom with the baby. A year passed in the calm farm life and a group of jews came ( about 3 ) asking for shelter. The jews were allowed to stay in the barn were Nikolaus was born, they were given some dinner and blankets. The next morning ( roughly 5 AM ) Nikolaus and his father ( with Gertrude following them like a spy ) went out to the forest to cut down some lumber for the extension of the house they were going to build. Several hours passed, the sun was rising over the horizon, the birds were chirping and small critters began scampering around them. Upon return to the house Nikolaus and his father were absolutely stunned to find the mother dead in a pool of blood. With the father enraged in a blind fury he ran to the red barn... To find the jews were gone, with that the father began crying and dropped the axe.

Several years passed after the fateful morning, nothing relatively changed. Gertrude cleaned, kept the fireplace going and was being taught how to cook by her father. Nikolaus began helping his father with all the farm tasks which included plowing the fields, planting seeds, harvesting crops, tending to the animals ect... Hitler has been chancellor for some time now, being out in the country propaganda doesnt reach there quite easily, but once it did they believed every bit of it. There was no counter-information about Hitler and the Nazi parties with the claims or the master race, and inferior peoples. Nikolaus was young and instantly believed thats why his mother died, they were germans and the jews were jealous of their superiority. When Nikolaus turned 16 his father suggested he move to the city. Nikolaus was eager to move to the hustle and bustle but also afraid of the drastic lifestyle change. About a month after the suggestion Nikolaus moved to the city.

Nikolaus took some money, clothes, and food. He arrived in Hamburg on June 1940 with the war riled up from starting only months before. Being a harbor for the kriegsmarine he saw a few sailors near the harbor part of the city. With all the men leaving for war he found a job easily as a police man. Nikolaus loved being in uniform with authority, helping out people in need. Nikolaus wrote to his father and sister atleast once a week for 2 years. When the war began to slow down in europe Nikolaus decided with all the bills he should join the wehrmacht. He wrote his father about this idea and he was thrilled and slightly worried. His father thought it over and wrote back it would be a great opportunity for him. Nikolaus visited the recruiting station the next day... ( CONTINUE IF ACCEPTED ) After being accepted and being told to arrive at ( X ) at ( X ) time he paid off his bills and gave a majority of his money to his father. He wrote his father saying he was going to be stationed in Minsk and that he would miss his family more being so far from them. ( TO BE CONTINUED )


In character information ( Your character writes in this part of the
application )

Name: Nikolaus Hoberkofen

Age: 18

Height: 5' 11''

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Green

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Distinguishing marks: None

List previous fields you are experienced in: Mechanics, building, farming, fishing, hunting ( with guns before the gun ban, and bows atfer the gun ban )

Have you had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht? Negative

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain: Negative

Explain your reason for applying for the Wehrmacht and wishing to become an officer: I wanted to join for the benefits of being in the Wehrmacht and to help my Fatherland and family in this times of war. I'm eager to be in a brotherhood of soldiers and friends in a common cause.

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Re: Nicomedo's App

Post by Stairs on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:43 pm

ACCEPTED with the rank of Unteroffizier

Apply UOfz. As tag.

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