[ACCEPTED] Scott Hawk's Wehrmacht Application

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[ACCEPTED] Scott Hawk's Wehrmacht Application

Post by Scott on Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:42 pm

Out of character Information

Steam friends name:
Scott H.


Why do you want to join the Wehrmacht? (Explain in atleast two
paragraphs of
why you want to be Wehrmacht OOC'ly)

My main reason to join the Wehrmacht is creating a good opponent for the resistance. In a game like this, we need equally divided groups. You do not want 24 citizens against 1 Wehrmacht member, right?
My choice fell for the Wehrmacht mainly because of the idea's behind it, and, to be honest, the long range weapons they use. I experience a more realistic gunfight with long-distance rifles than with machine-guns that go all gun-blazing. One loud shout, and a ragdoll. That gives me thrills.

Therefore, I'd like to join the Wehrmacht and be as useful to them as possible. I am a experienced role-player and I know what to do and what not to do. I will not abuse any powers given to me when I join the Wehrmacht. You can trust me on that.
I hope I can provide a realistic roleplay experience to everyone online. Therefore, I appreciate tips and comments on my style of roleplaying.

What do
you think the Wehrmacht will be like for you? ( Explain in atleast two
paragraphs )

As it should be, challenging and ofcourse, to be fun. I realize that it wont be fun all the time, therefore, I learnt how to deal with passive roleplay. I'll hope to really ''feel'' like a soldier in the times of war. I will also think that this faction will be challenging.

Arresting people, for example. It has all to be roleplayed, and it isn't the easiest thing to do. This is where the real roleplay comes forward. I did realize though, how better you RP, how merrier the players are with you. They'll actually accept the arrest, and won't go ''OMG RANDOM ARREST!!11'' on you.

What are you expected to do in the Wehrmacht? ( Two
paragraphs atleast )

To fight for the Fuhrer's ideologies, and to keep peace in our town. To fight against the Resistance who do not agree with our standard of thinking. I will follow all orders from the people above me, and I will always help with executing them properly.

The Wehrmacht is the main force fighting force for Hitler. And I will prove that, by roleplaying a Nazi man of the Aryan race.
And, ofcourse. I will develop my character further. The experience with the Wehrmacht adds up to the background story of my Character, which I would really appreciate.

How are you expected to act in the
Wehrmacht ( Two paragraphs atleast )

As the Wehrmacht acted in 1935 - 1945. I will recreate the most realistic experience I can achieve with my status as a Wehrmacht member. I will re-call acts from the Deutsche history, and try to implent them into the game as good as possible, to really create that ''war-ish'' atmosphere.

I will not, ofcourse, minge, or any other ban-able offense, like Random Deathmatching. This completely ruins the total roleplay experience. It can cost alot, too. I do not want to see anyone leaving because their character getting RDMed and losing all their items while at it.

What is your characters
background story? ( Two paragraphs atleast )

Scott Hawk. A calm man who lived in the middle of Berlin. He used to be a little aggresive with people who do not comply with him, but he learned how to manage anger at his side. As he graduated, he bought his own house, close to his parents. By that time, the Nationalsozialismus came up. Scott agreed with ALL the statements that the Nazi's stood for. His opinion was equal to the Nazi's themselves.

When Hitler raised up, Scott applied as a artillery member for the Deutsche macht. He got accepted. A year passed. (1941)
Then the day came. His parents got killed by the Resistance. Scott got angry, and personally applied for the Wehrmacht -- he wanted revenge. He wants the Resistance to be GONE FOREVER.


In character information ( Your character
writes in this part of the
application )

Scott Hawk


1.82 metres.


Dark brown

Eye colour:
Light blue


The Aryan race.

Distinguishing marks:
A scar around his cheek, caused by a exploding malfunctioning artillery shell.

List previous fields you are experienced in:
Long range artillery.

you had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht?:


you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain:


your reason for applying for the Wehrmacht and wishing to become an

To maintain peace and order and to succesfully execute our Fuhrer's ideology.

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Scott Hawk's Wehrmacht Application

Post by Stairs on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:47 pm


Contact an SA for whitelisting

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