[ACCEPTED] Doctor Cloudys Application

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[ACCEPTED] Doctor Cloudys Application

Post by doctorcloudy on Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:39 am

Steam friends name: LCLOUDYZL

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:20302708

Why do you want to join the Wehrmacht? (Explain in atleast two paragraphs of
why you want to be Wehrmacht OOC'ly)

History, particularly the WWI, and II Era have always fasinated me, ever since i was introduced to the subject of War World II and the Wehrmacht, I’ve been pulled towards video games related to the Wehrmacht, I’ve dreamed about a game where you actually play the Wehrmacht, and now finding and RP server where that can be done, I'd love to play a Wehrmacht Character, as the only other games I’ve played that are related to World wars are on the Allies side, which to be honest are getting boring.

I also believe I can help populated the growing server, as I also have friends who share the same philosophy as me regarding a game that revolves around the Wehrmacht not the allies.

What do you think the Wehrmacht will be like for you? ( Explain in atleast two
paragraphs )
I think it will be a fun enjoyable experience which will further my knowledge of the 1930-40 Era through RP, and bring me great pleasure while doing so, with these experiences I can hopefully share them with other friends that I know of that enjoy World war I and II who would also enjoy to see a game revolving around Wehrmacht to hopefully further populate the 1942 RP Server

What are you expected to do in the Wehrmacht? ( Two paragraphs atleast )
I will follow orders directed to me by my higher superiors, and I will tend to the wounded within the Wehrmacht, and those who I am told to assist by superior , and I will treat all with the utmost respect.

How are you expected to act in the Wehrmacht ( Two paragraphs atleast )

I’m to follow orders that are given to me by my superiors, with no objection, and I will not use my position within the Wehrmacht as an excuse to harass and mistreat others who are lower rank them me, unless instructed to by a superior officer within the Wehrmacht, and I shall put forth all my effort to satisfy, and appeal to higher ranking officers who look upon me for aid or assistance

What is your characters background story? ( Two paragraphs atleast )
Will Ricci was born in a small town in southern Italy called Ortranto, He lived a typical life until the age of 8 when his father died from a serious Diphtheria Infection within the bronchiole tube, Will visited the Hospital his father Roy was being held at until the day he died, Will immediately became fascinated in the field of Medical Science, and excelled in Biology in his Secondary School Education.

His interests in the field were noted and soon after graduating school, was offered a scholarship at Scapula university of Medical Studies in Tuscan Italy, He continued his Medical Studies in Tuscan for 11 years, and received a masters in Human Biology, and a PHD in Medical Studies. Two years following he worked in a medical hospital in Rome, until 1941, when he was re-stationed to the front line in France to assist the Italian Military in the front lines as a field medic. Whilst preparing to head out, Will quit his job and pursued a better medical career by heading to Minks and enlisting in the Wehrmacht

In character information ( Your character writes in this part of the
application )

Name:Will Ricci



Hair colour:Brown

Eye colour:Blue



Distinguishing marks:None

List previous fields you are experienced in: I acquired my PHD in italy, and worked within a Hospital in Italy

Have you had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht?
No, I have not

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain:

Explain your reason for applying for the Wehrmacht and wishing to become an officer: I wish to find work for my skill in the medical field, and I wish to assist the Wehrmacht and their cause.
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Re: [ACCEPTED] Doctor Cloudys Application

Post by Shadow on Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:35 pm

Accepted. Not bad, I liked your backstory even though the long words at the beginning confused me. As for the medical division, ask Stairs about it, as he is the division leader.

Welcome to the Wehrmacht.


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