Accepted - Rhyom Guther's Resistance Application

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Accepted - Rhyom Guther's Resistance Application

Post by rhyomguther on Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:14 am

Accepted - Don't expect much activity for at least four days.


Steamname: Sinper_German

SteamID: -Will Get-

Reason for applying: Just instead of getting called and selling guns to random people that are in a crime circle, I would like to actually fight and sell for a cause not just to rob and terrorize.


Name: Vasili Broske

Age: 34

Physical Description: Tall, Russian, Black Finger-less Gloves, Tan Collard Shirt, Brown Pants

Useful Skills: Exellent Knowledge of Weaponry,

Position your applying for: Resistance Member

Reason for applying: I would like to fight for a cause and not just simply deal weapons to terrorists and traitors.

Background Story: (100+ Words) Vasili was a young toddler, at the age of three, when his mother had left him. He could not remember anything about his mother or father at all because his brain was still developing. He was born in Vladivostok, Russia. Vladivostok was a harbor that is located East of Russia, on an island. His mother left him in the care of his grandfather, an army veteran. His grandfather, over-joyed that he had a grandson, taught him how the Russian Soldiers were treated in the army and how the officers had killed their own brothers if they had not listened to orders. He understood these stories and took them to heart, never to trust anyone. He grew up to the age of eighteen when he was selected to become part of the Russian Army, fighting for the Motherland. He accepted the offer and was drafted all the way over to western Russia to fight against the German War Machine. His squad was un-trained and not ready for the fight against the Germans. The clash was harsh, his one third of his squad mates died and the surviving were wounded. They escaped further into German ground. He then found himself in a German city, half in ruins and half productive. (Black Market Application Copy + Paste)

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