Application to The Resistance

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Application to The Resistance

Post by Dimitri Denovinsky on Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:08 pm


Steam name: Mikebarfly

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:7708366

Reason for applying: To destroy what is possible of the German war machine.


Name: Dimitri Denovinki


Physical Description: Caucasion, Tall, Semi Muscular

Useful Skills: Knowledgeable with weapons, Small amount of Charisma.

Position your applying for: Resistance Member

Reason for applying: Dimitri Denovinsky believes that the Nazis ideals of a Perfect race are full of propaganda to fill his armies. He is a Russian Catholic and he believes the Nazi's give the German people a horrible name and the Fuhrer is a liar.

Background Story: (100+ Words): Dimitri was a young man when the war began. His father helped in the invasion of Poland and when The Fatherland declared upon The Motherland he was killed on the front. Too young for the Russian army Dimitri set out to Minsk to find the Resistance. With just the clothes on his back he has little to live for. He prays at night to avenge his father's death and hopes dearly the resistance will accept his meager proposal. He is completely set upon causing hell among the Wehrmacht at any cost.

Dimitri Denovinsky

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