William Robertson's application

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William Robertson's application

Post by Williams Robertson on Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:20 pm



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for applying: I've been recently introduced to the 1942 RP world and i have to say I am enthralled by all the possibilities available to me in this server. I wish to spend more time here and I think that by joining the Resistance, I can really set myself into the story of Minsk and create my role.


Name:Williams Robertson

Age: 32

Description: Mid-sized, Bulk, Short-Hair, Caucasian, British.

Useful Skills: Engineering (Spent some time into the Naval Forces of Britain near 1930.)

Position your applying for: Resistance member

for applying: Engineering skills and the feeling of ridding the town of Nazi occupation.

Background Story: Since I've arrived into Minsk from Liverpool, I've noticed that the Nazi
occupation was quite present even into this small town of Russia.
Seeking to find work to send money for my family oversea, I can't help
but feel that since I've devoted my life for my loved ones, I can still
do my part as an ancient resident of the Allies country. Joining the
undercover group of the Resistance will make me able to pour from a
collective force and will provide them with my engineering skills for
the sake of the Liberation.

Williams Robertson

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