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Chilla Frilla Application

Post by ChillaFrilla on Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:00 pm

OOC: Not sure what this is for. (If its a question of what OOC means its "Out Of Character")

Steam name: Disco Kitteh

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29067902

Reason for applying: To absolutely destroy Hitler , he doesnt deserve to live! The jews must be free'd and I will be the one to free them , along with my team mates!(Wasnt sure what to call them)

IC: (Not sure what this one means either.

Name: Chilla Frilla (Sorry for the bad name. Didnt realise how awesome this server was when making my character)

Age: 24

Physical Description: 6'2 Facial hair. (Brown).

Useful Skills: I have many usefull skills , such as using weaponry , such as automatic rifles , pistols , and semi-automatic rifles. I also have a somewhat good medical back-round also.

Position your applying for: Resistance Soldier

Reason for applying: Chill is a Jewish man himself. He wants to free the Jews with all of his heart , he is DEVOTED to destroying Hitlers army.

Background Story: (100+ Words): Chilla Frilla was born on December 13th 1918. His father was a doctor , his mother was a nurse in world war I , so as you may have noticed his family had a good medical backround. Chillas father always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps , and be a doctor , so he trained Chilla in the art of Medicine , until around 1939 his mother and father were taken away and put into concentration camps. Chilla has a serious hate for Hitler and his army , and if accepted he plans to completely reign hell upon the whole Nazi army!
(P.S I am out of school , so I can play as much as I'd like , which seems to be alot on this very very awesome server. Thanks for your time . Oh and by the way , this server looks VERY well coded.)


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