Whermacht Divisions.

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Whermacht Divisions.

Post by DroolingPacman on Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:03 pm


They are the most basic unit, as they are not the breaching or highly
medical. They handle minor patrols, and keep the stability of the
community as an utmost concern. However they can be used to fill in
spots for the Überfall division. They have minor special tactics and
minor medical training. They are respected by their local community for
keeping the peace. But they are still highly feared by the community as
members of the Nazi Regime.


Their standard directives are to patrol, and to breach.
They are the Nazi’s Special Weapons Assault Team.
They are the most elite uniformed squad that patrols the city streets
to the public view. They do not take shit from anyone. They are highly
feared for being publicly ruthless and merciless. You have to be highly
trained to even consider yourself rising up the ranks in this Division.
This is the only division that publicly deals with any sort of
Resistance. In the case of Unrest, Überfall directly proceeds


Directives include the same as Polizei, however granted they are trained for
stressful medical situations. They medically cover the entirety of the
Nazi regime occupying the city. They work on and off the field. Those
in this division are the only trained Medical units to handle high
priority subjects, such as Government VIPs.


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