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Chris Newman- Black Market App

Post by ShadowNick1 on Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:47 am

OOC Name: ShadowNick1
(Everything below is IC)
Name (First and Last):Chris Newman
Age: 16
Personality: Tall - Chubby(DUE TO THE MODEL) - Sneaky - Hussler
Background (Family): Chris Newman was grown up in a orphanage till he turned 13 when British Bombers bomb the city of Metz
Position: Member
Reason for joining: Had no other place to go. No shop would hire him due to the fact that he could be a jew. No food or money. No family. Military rejected due to physical fitness.
RP Story (make up the story of your life): Unknown Date of Birth in 1926 Chris Newman was found in a box on the front step of a orphanage in 1926 in the city of Metz though he never found out who his real parents were he had a great childhood but when he turned 7 people stoped interviewing him to see if they wanted to adopt him for another 6 years people in his room left, one after another and another. When he was 13 he went to go to the grocery but fainted on the way there in alley way when he got up he heard the air raid sirens, the screetching of the bombs and the bombs exploding into building. He ran toward the orphanage when he heard a loud screething from burning bomber and the crashing noise of the bomber. Chris jumped into another alley way to hide from the explosion and fell into a bomb shelter. After the bombing raid he rushed home to see if any damage had been done to the city. Not a touch on the city but the military section of the city was torn up. Only 2 building were destroyed... The orphanage and the apartments next to it from the plane that crashed. Newman had no home now he had to beg for food and water. He slept in the destroyed orphange. During bombing raids he prayed not to get killed by a bomb landing in the orphanage. For three years no one hired him in any shop because they feared that if he was a jew there would be problems with the Gestapo. Even the German Military turned him down due to his physical fitness. When he was 16 he was begging for food and water when the sirens turned on. He ran into a warehouse where the were boxes and boxes of weapons in each create he found German Weapons and in some he even found Russian weapons. After the bombing raid he took the guns to the orphanage and began selling weapons to the French Resitance. Finally he made enough money to buy a car and moved.

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