Martin 'Sandman' Greg's application

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Martin 'Sandman' Greg's application

Post by Sandman on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:38 am

Out of character Information

Steam friends name: Sticer.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:16143905

Why do you want to join the Wehrmacht? (Explain in atleast two paragraphs of
why you want to be Wehrmacht OOC'ly) I Like to Enforce the Law. i like to hold people Disciplined
i am a guy who know alot of WW2, about what they did and What they have
done. i like to Patroll in the Streets and Follow orders From a leader.

What do you think the Wehrmacht will be like for you? ( Explain in atleast two
paragraphs ) Pretty Nice, in terms of i am

one of them, i will Respect them as my Friends, and il Try to make
friends out of it, (On Steam) Having Meetings and Coffe Breaks : )

What are you expected to do in the Wehrmacht? ( Two paragraphs atleast ) Have
the Streets Clean from all Rebels and Violence (im not a Metagamer) Do
the Orders i have been Told! Get to work when i must.

How are you expected to act in the Wehrmacht ( Two paragraphs atleast ) Well
i dont 100% know before i get the Role but i guess Following orders
From The Fuher, The Werhmacht Wasnt the Most Trusten army at those days

What is your characters background story? ( Two paragraphs atleast )

Greg, Earlier Know as Samash Gregmin, was born in Germany 1919 on a
Farm Close to the Border of Belgium, he moved to Norway when he was 16
years old and worked in a Icecream shop South. when he was 19 he moved
back and wanted to start his own Industry. Sadly 1 day a Nazi Officer
came to visit him, A letter who said "From Der Fuhrer: You have been
called to the Werhmacht Army on the Move to Take Poland. You will meet
at Schreidrsh Office in 5 Days!" He soon Realised that every friends of
him living nearby have gotten the same letter, and before those five
days he travelled to Say Goodbye to his Wife, he Joined the Werhmacht
At started they March to Poland.

-Poland 1939 December-
He and about 200 Other Werhmacht Troopers Where walking in to the Snowy Forest. it was quiet...
Soon from Nowhere it was over 500 Polish Soldiers whit Old and Rusty Rifles. One of our men said "DIE" and Opened Fire and soon it all became a hell.
jumped down in the Snow whit 2 of hes friends and Deployed an MG34. he
Fired so much that he's Fingers where to Hot to Notice it.
all the Polish Soldiers he saw was dead. after that they moved up and tok Controll over the City, 2 miles From Samash.
the womens where Yelling "
Pomoc mnie!!" they arrested everyone and took them Back to Nazi Germany and tok them inside a Concentration camp.

years later Samash was Called again to Duty and Patroll the Streets of
Venetian, there he stayed and tok Orders from his Leader...

__________________________________________________ _______

In character information ( Your character writes in this part of the
application )

Name: Sandman Greg

Age: 23 years Old

Height: 184

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Dark Green

Gender: Male

Race: Human White (Caucasian)

Distinguishing marks: No one

List previous fields you are experienced in: None

Have you had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht? No

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain: None

Explain your reason for applying for the Wehrmacht and wishing to become an officer: my Wife Died During an Russian Attack. the only life i have is whit the Werhmacht!

Any Questions just ask. but i may not bump, i barley got acces to a comp here in London :S

Last app, didnt see comment by the Judge that it was bad :S only my RP, my playtime is sick though :O
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Re: Martin 'Sandman' Greg's application

Post by Loppy |Lopsided| on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:22 pm

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Re: Martin 'Sandman' Greg's application

Post by medicdude on Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:14 pm

F for effort
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Re: Martin 'Sandman' Greg's application

Post by DroolingPacman on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:37 pm

Perma Denied. I take shit seriously, and the fact that you have balls to apply again with a denied app is ball-sy. A change of leadership doesn't mean you can get away with shit. You will never be a member of the Wehrmacht, good day.


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Re: Martin 'Sandman' Greg's application

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