Schryen's second application

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Schryen's second application

Post by Schryen on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:50 pm

Out of character Information

friends name:



Why do you want to join the Wehrmacht?

I apologize very much for my last application. Over the past week (I've been in New York for the past two days) I've played on the server a lot more than before, and I think it would heighten my roleplay experiance to become a Wehrmacht soldier. I
am very interested in WWII and I know a lot about it, especially the
german side. I am a pretty avid re-enactor and I own about 4 Wehrmacht
uniforms. I believe I could do a pretty good job portraying a Wehrmacht
soldier in roleplay.

I was previously a somewhat high ranking
officer in TnB about a year or two ago, so I am quite experianced when
it comes to serious roleplay. I think I can add a distinguishing
character to the Wehrmacht here while not being unrealistic. I can also
be very active on the server since my job only takes up a fraction of my

What do
you think the Wehrmacht will be like
for you?

I think it will be a very fun and interesting
roleplay experiance. It will greatly expand on the story of my character
and put him in uncommon situations that he will be able to deal with
using his own distinct ways of handling things. It will bring out both
his darker side and his lighter side. It will also be a very fun
experiance for me.

Being in the Wehrmacht will make me loved by
some and hated by some, and it will make me love some and hate some. I
think it will be very interesting at times, very crazy at times, and
very calm at times. It will be a very interesting experiance.

are you expected to do in the Wehrmacht?

I am expected to
keep the city at peace, to crush any trace of rebellion in sight. I am
expected to defend any civilians and make sure everyone is safe, and
also make sure everyone is following the law of the Reich. I will round
up and detain anyone who is doing illegal things.

I will be
polite to everyone and make sure to end any problems peacefully, but I
will not be afraid to use force when needed. I will never be irrational
and I will always use my best judgement.

How are you
expected to act in the

I am expected to be
aware of everything. I am expected to be polite at all times but also be
a stern authoritative figure. I will act with force only when
necessary, and represent the Reich. I will always act very respectively
towards my superiors.

I shall act in a way that scares the
civilians away from breaking any law. My attitude will be the best
possible and I will let no one get away with disobeying the law without
proper punishment. I am expected to act as a proffesional soldier and
somewhat of a policeman.

What is your characters

Wilhelm was born in Munich, Germany. His mother and
father were very nice people and treated him very well, almost spoiling
him every chance they got. His father was a veteran of WWI and a very
strong business man. All through his childhood he was expected to take
over his fathers business when he grew older, but when Hitler came to
power when he was 8 he was quickly brainwashed and joined the Hitler
Youth. He started thinking more and more about his country than the
family business, and eventually when he was old enough moved away to
lead his own troop. He became enveloped in all of the nazi ideals and
thought of nothing else, though he constantly took walks away from
everyone and wrote poems which he quickly threw away.

When his
mother died of a heart attack he barely cared as he was so wrapped up in
the Hitler youth. The family business was slowly dying and so was his
father, but he didn't care. His fellow youth in his class all avoided
him, even they thought he was too strict and mean to them. He was
becoming heartless. Now that he finally became old enough he dreamed
every night for the day he would become a full-fledged soldier and be
sent to the front lines for the fatherland.


In character information ( Your character
in this part of the
application )

Wilhelm Schryen

Age: 17




Gender: Male

Caucasian, German


Small scar on left arm

List previous fields you are
experienced in:
Hitler Youth

had any previous affiliation with the Wehrmacht?


you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain:


your reason for applying for the
Wehrmacht and wishing to become an
I wish to join
and aid the fatherland in crushing the bolshevik scum. I believe that I
would be a top notch soldier, and I find it an honor to serve the
fatherland in this great crusade. I believe that there should not be a
square foot on this planet the master race does not rule. SIEG HEIL.


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Re: Schryen's second application

Post by medicdude on Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:05 pm

One of the most promising applications so far.
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Re: Schryen's second application

Post by TheGreen on Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:19 pm

Finelly, he has experience. I agree to this.


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Re: Schryen's second application

Post by DroolingPacman on Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:56 pm

Accepted, make a post in the count and contact me In-game or over steam.


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Re: Schryen's second application

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