LtGreen/Illech Krienkov's Black Market Application

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LtGreen/Illech Krienkov's Black Market Application

Post by TheGreen on Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:04 am

OOC Name: Lieutenant Green

IC Info Below:

Name (First and Last): Illech Krienkov (His legal [not forged, but stolen] papers: Hans Smiff.)
Age: 17

Personality: Russian/ukranian young man, with a sharp tongue and a fast hand, but with a hard grip.

Father was killed in the water between Germany and USSR/Russia. His mother illegaly transported him to Germany to be safe, for ALL of USSR was a war zone. Mother's where abouts is still unkown as of now.

Position: Black Market

Reason for joining: Would like the Black Market Position Licenses, to roleplay as a illegal foreigner/gun dealer.

RP Story
(make up the story of your life):
Illech Krienkov lived a hard life. Since he was six, he was struggling to survive, sometimes even making a choice to let his family survive just for a few more winters, and the other to starve and die.
Once the war hit his war torn city, Illech's father, Chernov Krienkov, who praised Stalin as a god, went to fight the Nazis, only to be reported to been executed by a infamous officer near Muslik.
Natasha Krienkov, Illech's Mother, sent Illech off in a cargo train, to live his life with the papers he stole from a man who he shot dead, for he tried to rape him. Illech, sadly...Never made it to the german city. He took the train, later, to a small city, and then traveled to Muslik, where he will not be annoyed by knowing germans.

Extra info:

How did you get the weapons? And how do you sell them?: The Train Illech was on broke down later...Which turned out to be a supply train to the front lines, full of weapons. Take your pick what Illech did. After the train reached a city near Muslik, he took the weapons, using his old stealing tricks in his childhood, and started to sell them in crates.

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