READ - Ban Request Rules.

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READ - Ban Request Rules.

Post by Christoph Kirsch on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:34 pm

If you do not follow the rules in this section, do not be surprised to find yourself instantly forum banned.

Posting a Ban Request
When posting a Ban Request, follow this format:

[b]Name of Offender[/b]:
[b]Reason for banning[/b]:
[b]Any admins on at the time[/b]:
[b]Date/Time of Incident[/b]:


Failure to follow this format will likely end with you being told to fix it, and if it is not fixed within a short period of time, the thread will be locked and ignored. Just follow it, it's not hard.

The Steam ID of a player can be found by typing "status" in the console while you are both connected to the server.
A Steam ID looks like the following: "STEAM_0:0:123456".
You must post a screen shot showing the status to prove that the Steam ID matches the name of the offender.
The screen shot must have been taken at the same time as the evidence.

Evidence can be either in the form of screen shots or a demo recording.
To upload screen shots you could use either Imageshack, Photobucket or Imgur.
To upload demos, you can use Wegame or XFire.

Please give your thread an informative title, with an indication of the server - such as "Christoph Kirsch - RDM".
Do not create multiple threads if your request is denied.
All accusations MUST be backed up with evidence.
Creating a fake ban request (trying to frame someone) is very likely result in you being banned.

Posting in a Ban Request
Only post if you meet one or more of these criteria:
1. You are the one requesting the ban/unban.
2. You are the one being accused.
3. You saw the incident happen. (Not heard or read but saw!)
4. You are an admin.
Failure to meet one of those criteria, and still post is likely to result in an instant forum ban.

Additional Posting Rules.
1. Do not flame in any way.
2. Do not spam in any way.
3. Post the information in the correct format.
4. Any accusation must be backed up by solid evidence. A screen shot of the status at the time the evidence was recorded is also required.
5. We don't expect for you to be Shakespeare, but please try to use proper spelling and grammar. If we are confronted by a train-wreck of spelling and grammatical mistakes, we might find it harder to resolve the thread. You make our lives easier, and we'll help you.

Thank you too Vunil over at Darkland servers for this, and Green for the idea of posting this.
Christoph Kirsch
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